I was surfing the net the other day and happened to click on a link of an article that I thought might be interesting.

Then, this happened…….you have to click through the website like a PowerPoint presentation not to mention having to wait for the plethora of new ads to load before you can continue to read the article which is very annoying. I was so confused on what to click that I decided the article wasn’t worth the annoyance factor and closed the site.

These types of sites are annoying, not just because of the ads but because you have to click through the article one snippet at a time.

I get that some people/companies want to make money but if the site is not user friendly, people won’t use it. This site is definitely not user friendly at least not in my opinion.

Oh and by the way – most people will eventually figure out that you can change the number at the end of the address so they don’t have to wait for all the ads to load or accidentally click on an ad while the page is jumping up. I’m just saying….


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