As someone who is technically savvy, I know the importance of a good password. I’ve seen first hand the damage that can be done by hackers and I’ve also seen friends loose everything on their personal computers.

Passwords are important. I know they are a nuisance to remember but this should not prevent you from having a long and strong password. Hackers can do so much damage not only to your online accounts but also to your personal life through identity theft.

There’s an article on Lifehacker that explains it much better than I can and is worth the read. How to Create a Strong Password

Here are some highlights but I highly recommend reading the article.

Make your passwords very long
Don’t use a common phrase
Test your password

Don’t reuse your password
Use a password manager
Don’t store passwords in your browser
Follow the rules every time
Use two-factor authentication
Don’t ruin all this by using security questions
Remember, everything is broken

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