Play Dead Book Cover Play Dead
Lesley O'Kane
December 1, 1998

Meet Allie Babcock – The Audacious Dog Therapist with a Flair for Sleuthing
At her brand new shop in Boulder, Allie’s very first client is a dejected collie whose previous owner allegedly took her own life. But with a natural nose for crime, Allie soon suspects murder – leaving her dejected canine client as possibly the sole witness to the crime.
With the scent fresh, Allie is quickly on the case – but a second murder curtails her investigation. Before taking another step, Allie needs to count her enemies: several suspicious dog owners, a boyfriend with a temper (and a demand for vengeance!), and a mysterious door-to-door salesman with a curious tale to tell…
Bizarre salesman, vicious boyfriend and suspect dog owners – one thing is for sure – Allie’s life may never be safe until one of these characters lands in the pen…


This books was like reading an author’s first attempt. The story was good but not enough information about the characters. At one point I think the author made an error about a character that appeared at the office of the heroine. The book seemed rushed but the ending seemed very rushed as if the author only had X number of pages for the whole book and had to end before she ran out of space. The ending was not well thought out. I enjoyed it but it could have been so much better.

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